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The services offered to the client include:

  • Preliminary analysis of the global structure of the client, with a special focus on National and International activities, internal structure, organization chart, needs and goals linked to the role of the required candidate.
  • Description of the candidate profile
  • Selection and evaluation of the candidates
  • Support both to the client and the candidate in the probation period.

HR SERVICE NET carries out the selection process analysing the CVs included in the database and other information sources, with no job posting. The only costs charged to the client during the selection are possible reimbursements or travelling expenses which are billed separately.

The fee for this search is 30% of the gross annual salary (fixed and variable amount) of the hired candidate.

HR SERVICES NET guarantees the recruitment for 6 month from the candidate first day at work. If the candidate quits the job during this time HR SERVICES NET performs another selection with no additional costs for the client.