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For every job search HR SERVICE NET performs the Edit e Direct search processes.

HR SERVICE NET carries out a preselection of candidates and provides the client a list of names with the correspondent CVs.

This preselection includes the following steps:

  • Editing of the DIRECT job offer to be e-mailed or mailed (checked by the client)
  • Editing of a candidate auto-evaluation test (checked by the client)
  • E-mailing or mailing of the DIRECT job offer
  • Selection of the CVs received as a reply to the DIRECT mailing
  • Phone interview with the candidates based on the auto-evaluation test
  • Preparation of the CVs of the selected candidates including possible comments 
  • E-mailing of the CVs to the client

The client will perform the additional selection steps until the candidate recruitment.

Fees are variable and depend on the desired job profile. Contact us for supplemental details.